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What is a Ryokan?

Ryokan are traditional Japanese inns with origins dating back to the Edo period. Ryokans are difficult to find in Tokyo and other big cities because they are more expensive than hotels and people prefer hotels for urban tourism. For this reason, they are more common in natural areas such as mountainous areas and beaches.

Ryokans are usually like a relatively large entrance hall with sofas and chairs where guests can sit and talk to each other. The rooms have traditional elements such as tatami floors, sliding doors called fusuma, futon beds, low wooden tables and pillows (zabuton). Visitors usually wear yukata in and around the ryokan.

Most ryokan offer breakfast and dinner, which is usually included in the room rate. Meals consist of traditional Japanese cuisine known as kaiseki, with seasonal and regional specialties.

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Bambu Spa Havuzu
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